If you’re a DStv subscriber your monthly subscription fees will be going up starting 01 April 2016 and that’s no April’s fool joke.


The MultiChoice entertainment service has been popular for many years and has built up the service to provide even more entertainment options and packages. But for the first time in the service’s history its prices are hiking up past the R700 mark. There are a few packages – DStv Premium, DStv Extra, DStv Compact, DStv Select and DStv Family – that are increasing in their monthly subscription fees. The DStv price hike reaches up to 8%, which is higher than the current South African inflation rate of about 6%.

The reason for the massive DStv price hike comes from the weakened Rand against the dollar as MultiChoice purchases its content with dollars:

We buy most of our this fantastic content in foreign currency and due to the depreciation of the rand by 29% since April 2015, our costs have gone up dramatically. Over the past five years our adjustments have been in line with this action. We’ve worked very really hard to keep this year’s fees manageable.

Not all services and packages will be getting a price hike. There has been no change to decoder insurance fees and DStv EasyView will be R10 cheaper a month. This is what you will have to fork out from 01 April 2016:

Package Old Price Price From 01 April 2016
DStv Premium R699 R759
DStv Extra R425 R459
DStv Compact R319 R345
DStv Select R199 R219
DStv Family R199 R219
DStv Access R99 R99
DStv EasyView R39 R29
DStv BoxOffice Rentals  R35 R35