Instagram is the best things since sliced bread. We use it all the time and we are pretty addicted to it. You can follow us here. Now as much as we love it, some people make it hard for us as they post really bad pictures, which have very little substance. That is why we are giving you some tips to master Instagram:

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Before we start, an Instagram picture requires time and dedication to put together, you need to take some things into consideration. Lighting, positioning, objects, camera quality, and of course the #Hashtag. Taking a picture and slapping it on Instagram just will not do, it requires time and patience. Now, get your phone out, and get ready to follow these steps to get the best picture taken of the day.


One thing about photography is that the light must never be facing the camera, and taking a good picture for Instagram needs the right lighting.

Always make sure you are taking the picture from the side in which the main direct light is coming from, example:

Instagram Lighting

As you can see, the light helps drastically when taking the picture. When taking selfies for example, sitting in front of the sun is great, but if the sun is behind you, it will darken the focal point.

If you are taking selfies at night and the lighting is bad, try use the back camera with a flash, it might take a while to get the perfect position, but it’s better than a dark selfie #TooDarktoSee.

Another great app is the LightBox app for iPad and iPhone, it lets you create a light box using the extra smart devices you have lying around to create photo studio-like lighting. Perfect when taking pics of objects. Sometime a black and white photo is also the answer to bad lighting, and it comes out really well too!


When taking pictures of a bunch of objects, placement is everything. We want it to look great, and every beautiful product we put into the photo can be hashtagged. For example:


As you can see we took a pic of the Xperia Z5 along with the DualShock 4, as they make a perfect couple thanks to its Remote Play feature. If you are taking a picture at the beach, throw in some Havaianas, a pair of Aviator, and maybe beach bag, and you have the perfect photo.

I take gaming pictures all the time, and each one is carefully put together to include all the things I love. This Assassin’s Creed picture for example showcased all the games I own, and people loved it.


Position is also everything. Even if it means standing on a chair above your food to take a Foodgram. Do it! Making sure to get all the objects you want, in the photo at the same time is a mission, but the position of your body and camera can change all that.

Instagram Objects

Move around your table, get on your knees to get every blade of grass in the picture, it’s work, but the end result will be fantastic.


Now for the filters. First make sure your brightness on your device is set to max, as it’s no use trying to choose the perfect filter if you cannot see the differences in the picture.

Things you want to avoid when using filters is to over saturate, over expose, and under expose. IF you have gone through the filters and are not happy with the result, then rather leave it without one, and head into the fine settings to adjust each balance setting separately. Then you can use the #nofilter hashtag.


Fiddle around until you are happy. Remember to keep the image looking trendy, without compensating on the quality of the picture and the items, or people in it. If your skin looks flawless but your friend’s does not, then try another filter, or take the pic again. Also remember that no filter is also a filter, and sometimes a picture is perfect the way it is.


The hashtag is the end of the picture, and everything you have done so far, will all come together thanks to the hashtags.

What you want to do is to start with the basic hashtags like #weekend, #holiday, your country (#SouthAfrica), so generalising the image based on the hashtags.


Try to go through the posts count when you hashtag, it will show you how many posts have that specific hashtag in it, and work according to that. You can also just make up your own if you really want to, maybe start a trend.

So there you have some tips on how to master Instagram and its photos. What are you waiting for, go take some pictures!