Sony could be working on a brand new PlayStation 4 model, with an improved set of features like 4K support, and a more powerful GPU. This new model could be releasing this year too and will be called the PlayStation 4.5, according to reports.


Kotaku reports that the console will be revealed before the launch of PlayStation VR, which is set to release this October. This PS4.5 will include an improved GPU and support 4K resolution for games. The biggest added feature to this rumoured console, is the ability to output 4K resolution, which we all know is 4 times the pixels of 1080p. This along with an improved GPU will also allow developers to push the limits even further when it comes to graphics and effects in games.

PlayStation 4

The current PS4 is capable of outputting 4K photos and videos, but no game support. An improved model could see developers making 4K games, with improved visuals thanks to the rumoured GPU, which is said to be enhanced.

Sony declined to comment on this rumour, with a simple  “We can’t comment on rumors or speculation. Whether or not this console is real, we do not know. It raises a few questions whether or not it is time to release a new console. If Sony indeed has a new improved PS4 in the works, what will happen to gamers who own the current hardware, and if developers are working on games built for this PS4.5 then how will that integrate to the current console model? Will Sony start a trade-in program, or will this additional improvement come from an external box? One thing is clear, if Sony is indeed planning on releasing a more powerful console model, it needs to be careful not to alienate current owners from being part of the family.

With E3 just around the corner, Sony could be holding off until then.