There is an Angry Birds movie coming out soon and it might just be really good.


The movie is based on the popular mobile game, Angry Birds and will feature the birds and the pigs as we know them on our mobile devices on the big screen. This animation movie will see famous (and hilarious) actresses and actors lend their voices to bring these birds to the big screen.

Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds movie centres around these short-tempered, and flightless birds. The main role of Red Bird is portrayed by Jason Sudeikis. Other cast members include Josh Gad as Chuck, Danny McBride as Bomb, Peter Dinklage as the Might Eagle and Maya Rudolph as Matilda. Bill Hader is the baddy in the movie and portrays the role of Leonard, King of the Pigs. He joined by other Bad Piggies like Ross who is portrayed by Tony Hale and Earl who is portrayed by Blake Shelton. The Angry Birds are under threat from Bad Piggies who are up to no-goo and its up to the Angry Birds to work together to uncover the Bad Piggies’ evil plans.

Angry Birds Movie

This movie based on the popular mobile game was developed by the game’s developers, Rovio Entertainment and is released by Columbia Pictures. It was directed by Fergal Reilly and Clay Kaytis, produced by John Cohen and Catherine Winder, screenplay by Jon Vitti, and executive produced by Mikael Hed and David Maise. The movie will be released in 3D animation in May 2016.