Although we all love Snapchat, there are a few things we miss at times, given that Snapchat is not very forthcoming with its new added features. If you us the app, then these tips will prove helpful as you navigate through its various features.

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Change Back To Old Lenses


If you loved that big-eyed lenses which you used and abused last week, and want to use it again, then you can. Snapchat however switches out lenses on different days, which locks you out of them. If you head into your date and time settings on your device, and set it back a day, then any filter which was available then, will be available today.

Use Two Filters At Once


Many of you might not know, but if you want to use a Snap art on your screen, while still maintaining the colour filter which you have chosen, you can. What you want to do is choose your filter, then lift you finger and place it down again. Now while your one finger is on the screen, swipe left and right with another finger and you will go through the time widget, and other art works which you can include on the picture.

Copy And Paste Text


If you feel that Snapchat does not have enough room for text, you can easily type more, but in another app and copy it across. For example, open up a notepad on your iPhone, and type your text. Copy that text and when you are in the text field on Snapchat, just paste it in. You can add in emojis too.

Make Use Of Night Camera


The low-light camera mode is a godsend on the app, but it is triggered automatically, which means when you think you need it, Snapchat might think not. To get around this issue, all you need to do it to cover the camera for a few seconds, just enough so the app thinks it is dark. The low-light camera mode is now active.

Save Data When Travelling


Snapchat can use quite the amount of data when you are out and about, luckily, the app has a built-in Travel Mode. This Travel Mode reduces mobile data usage by not loading Snapchats automatically when receiving them. When this mode is active, you will need to load them manually by tapping on the content like stories and snaps. To active this feature, head into the app’s Settings > Manage > Enable Travel Mode.

Live Video Chat


Forget Skype and FaceTime, Snapchat has a built-in video calling feature. Although both people need to be online at the same time (obviously). To make a video call to someone you will need to look for the glowing blue button instead of the yellow one, this indicates that the video call feature is available. You will then need to press the blue button to starts the video call, remember however, once you lift your finger, the call will end.

Categorize Your Friends With Emojis


If you have a ton of friends on your contact list, some of which are besties, and some are just “meh”, then you can arrange them according to their friendship level. Head into Settings>Manage> Friend Emojis. Now you can set up different Emojis for different people, ranging from Super BFF, all the way up to Mutual Bestie.