Platforms: Xbox One, Windows 10, PS4
Reviewed On: PS4
Developer:  Nadeo
Publisher: Ubisoft
Distributor: Megarom Interactive/Digital
Release Date:  22 March 2016
Price: R549

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The TrackMania series has always been on the forefront of great arcade racing, and TrackMania Turbo brings that back, with some new added features, modes, and exhilarating tracks. Forget simulation racers, TrackMania is all about having fun whether you are a hardcore gamer, or just someone who enjoys racing-games, it has something in it for everyone.

TrackMania Turbo Review

Instead of the typical racing styled approach, TrackMania Turbo is all about time. Each race has a set time to beat in three tiers being bronze, silver and gold. You race through a track to get to the other side as quickly as possible, following ghost data of the times to beat. Drifting around corners, ramping over gaps, spinning the car to perform a trick to earn boost, it’s all in a day’s work. As you progress through the campaign, you will unlock new tracks. There are 200 tracks in the main campaign to race through, across various environments and styled areas.

When you want to hit the online mode, that is when the game truly shines. The online mode is all about creating rooms and selecting a set number of tracks to race through. This however depends on your play style. I entered a room with up to 128 players. So instead of racing them, you all compete for the best time in a lap or track. You start at one point and get to the other end as fast as possible. If you are good at it, you will be ranked in that 128 player leaderboard. You will have 5 minutes to try to get as high in the rankings as possible. Its rather intense as you fight for the spot and as you retry to beat that score, your ranking drops as other player beat your time. Seeing all the players on the screen at the same time crashing and failing is hilarious as well as intimidating.

TrackMania Turbo Review

When you are not racing around with other players, you can enter the creation mode which lets you make your own tracks. This is tough at first to grasp as the mechanics can get a bit overwhelming, but once you have the hang of things, it all comes together pretty quickly when building tracks. You can then take your tracks online and let other people race on them too, ultimately giving you a like or dislike depending on their feedback. Building tracks is a way to express your view on the game and if you think you can create a more exhilarating experience than the developers, then this your platform to do so.

What makes the game so appealing, is its easy controls and effortless driving mechanics. There are basically three buttons you use – accelerate, drift, and reset. It is simple, but at the same time, timing that drift is all about precision as one second too late and you will land up in the wall. The game did not once feel too difficult to handle.

In terms of visuals, the game looks great and runs at a solid 60fps at all times. Levels lack the beauty of Forza, but you are going so fast past an object that you never really notice it anyway. When you get to the later flashier tracks, they shine with their rollercoaster styled metals and giant LED billboards.


TrackMania Turbo is packed with arcade racing at its best. The game is perfect for those who love racing without the worry of traction, weather, tire pressure and all those other complicated things. Anyone can pick this up and enjoy it.

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TrackMania Turbo Review
Great Arcade RacingPacked with ContentEasy to Master
No real progression system
Value for Money85%
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