Dubai announced that it will be organising and hosting the world’s first World Future Sports Games in December 2017. The World Future Sports Games will be featuring innovative and state-of-the-art tech to compete in sports.


The first Games will be hosted by Dubai and will be held over a 3-day period from 28 December – 30 December 2017. The aim is to hold the Games every 2 years for a 3-day period, hosted by different participating countries. There will be nine competitions that test your skill in using technology and these include:

  1. Driverless car racing,
  2. Robotic soccer,
  3. Robotic running competitions,
  4. Manned drones racing,
  5. Robotics swimming,
  6. Robotic table tennis,
  7. Robotic wrestling,
  8. Drones races and
  9. Cybathlon competition.

The games were announced when Dubai revealed a new global entity based in Dubai called the World Federation of Future Sports. This new economic sector was launched under His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai’s initiatives.

Today we start a new phase in our march to the future through the launch of these unique initiatives that are built on the success of our global platforms, the UAE Drones for Good Award and UAE AI & Robotics Award for Good. Over the last two years, these platforms have attracted thousands of entries and hundreds of teams from around the world to strengthen the position of the UAE in the field of innovation at the global level.

The World Federation of Future Sports is an initiative of the Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation which aims to be an incubator for innovative ideas and a destination for inventors and entrepreneurs from around the world to showcase their inventions and ideas. In addition to becoming a major tourist destination, the Museum of the Future will offer advanced courses and specialised workshops, as well as public talks and events. It will serve as a platform to demonstrate the latest inventions from start-ups to the world’s technology giants. It will also host innovation facilities and design studios with universities, companies, and research partners.