If you are up for a challenge then we have all the games you need to really test just how much pressure you can withstand in a game. We’ve hooked up with some seriously difficult games to get stuck into this weekend:

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Dark Souls III – PC, Xbox One, PS4

Dark Souls III is the reason why we are putting this list together. While we are trailing through one of the best games in the series, we cannot help but wonder what other games out there are just as relentless as this.

Dark Souls III is the end of the Dark Souls trilogy and sees you venture into Lothric to take down the Lords of Cinder and cleanse the land from the darkness. The game follows the series’ classic combat and risk system where when you die, you lose you XP and humanity, leaving you at half health. Dark Souls III is one of a kind, and it will go and it’s also one of those difficult games that are so satisfying to play.

Megaman Collection – PS Vita, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, 3DS, Wii U

Back in the day Megaman was extremely popular. Its platforming and unforgiving combat system, were unique and there was really nothing else like it. Although the series died down over recent years, you can pick up the Megaman Collection on almost any platform. The game comes with every Megaman title all the way up to Megaman 9.

We all know how crazy the game gets as you try to avoid sudden death by spikes, and dodge incoming fire from enemies.

Bloodborne – PS4

If Dark Souls is not your thing, then maybe Bloodborne could be. The game is not easier than Dark Souls, but it does provide a less combat-reliant approach thanks to its simpler weapon and loot system. The game is just as relentless as Dark Souls, so if you die, you will lose all your current XP.

Set in Yharnam, a fictional city where the Night of the Hunters has begun, which has turned all living creatures into mutated beasts. You now need to venture through the alleyways and forest surroundings, taking down beasts of epic scale, to cleanse the city of filth.

The Binding of Isaac

This randomly generated dungeon crawler is dark and freaky. Your mother has locked you in the basement because she hates you. God told her to sacrifice you to him and you now need to escape while fighting freakishly mutated monsters, and in the end, face-off against your mother herself.

As you explore the basement you will find treasures and items which will help you along the way. You can mutate your abilities into strange and weird attacks, and turn your normal salty tears, into rather powerful balls of liquid. One thing is for sure, this is one of the more difficult games to play and not to be taken lightly.