It seems that Bethesda wants to take on Blizzard’s Hearthstone with its latest Elder Scrolls edition. Elder Scrolls: Legends is an upcoming trading card game which has just entered its beta phase. The game is described as an “Elder Scrolls-themed” card game.

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You can sign up for the beta today. All you need to do is head over to the website and fill in your details.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a strategy card game that explores the series’ characters, creatures, deities, and lore. Whether you have 10 minutes or ten hours, Legends provides a variety of gameplay modes and challenges that are easy-to-learn but difficult to master. Built with all levels of players in mind, Legends offers accessible gameplay for beginners who want to jump in and get started quickly, and the game’s depth keeps expert players engaged.

Bethesda has assured players that the game will offer a wide variety of decks and strategies to use against enemies, which will create a unique match every single time.

The game will also have a Campaign mode which will re-introduce players to the lands of Tamriel like Skyrim and Marrowind. If you want a challenge you can then enter the Arena Mode where players can enter PvP matches to really test their strength.