Facebook’s annual developers conference/F8 last night. During the first day of the conference the social media platform c0-founded by Mark Zuckerberg revealed exciting news for the future of the company:


Save To Facebook Button

Facebook has had its own Save button since 2014 which lets users save articles and videos they see on their Facebook timelines to read later. Now the company announced during its F8 conference that it’s working on a Save to Facebook button that will let users save anything from the web they are browsing through to Facebook to read later.

VR Surround 360 Camera

This is the year of virtual reality in the tech world and Facebook has joined the hype. The company unveiled the Surround 360 – an open sourced VR camera Facebook built from scratch. It looks really space-age, mimicking the design of UFOs we’ve seen in entertainment. It can produce up to 8K footage as well.

The company went on to emphasise its 10-year commitment to VR and augmented reality. Mark Zuckerberg mused that in the future we’d be able to experience VR and AR through simple gadgets resembling ordinary spectacles.

Facebook Messenger Chat Bots For Companies

Gone are the days of waiting for a company to reply to your query in messenger through one of its employees tirelessly (and probably suicidally) manning the social account of the company. Facebook believes that the by building bot platforms for Facebook Messenger could also take the traffic load of off customer care telephone calls.

Facebook plans to monetise on Messenger by adding Sponsored Message ads. Businesses will be able to pay for messages to be send to users who have previously contacted the company through Facebook Messenger.

Account Kits

During the F8 conference, it was announced that Facebook will be opening up its Account Kits to developers. This software will allow third-party developers to add a plugin to an app which will allow users to sign into accounts by either only using their email accounts or phone numbers, no passwords required.

Instant Articles

With Instant Articles now open to publishers, news articles can now be published directly onto Facebook’s news feed.


Internet.org Satellite Launching Soon

Facebook’s Internet.org is an initiative to bring the internet to many underdeveloped countries, with the aim to connect more and more people across the world. The company announced that it will be launching its first satellite for Internet.org within the next few months. It further announced that Facebook’s Free Basics Initiative has now gotten more than 25 million people connected to the internet globally.

The second day of the F8 conference continues today.