Come next Tuesday 12 April 2016, Fallout 4 will be updated to support the Wasteland Workshop add-on pack. This upcoming pack will come with new designs for your settlement as well as cages to capture live creatures in order to tame them to help you on your quest in the Wasteland.

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The latest trailer shows off the new pack in all its customization glory. There are brand new ways to create a home worth living in by adding new lighting, furniture and traps to keep you safe. Probably the biggest new feature is the ability to catch and tame creatures. You can then also decide to keep them as they are and set them free in your settlement to wreak havoc on the innocent bystanders.

The Wasteland Workshop is the second DLC to release for Fallout 4 as Bethesda start to roll out other DLC, updates and free content like the upcoming Creation Kit and Survival Mode. The Wasteland Workshop DLC is included in the Season Pass, and will be available separately come 12 April 2016. The pack will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.