This weekend we have a few games which you really need to invest in. From blowing demons up, to exploring the wilderness with Carbuncle. Here are some games to play this weekend.

DOOM Closed Beta

If you are lucky enough to get a spot in the ongoing closed beta for DOOM then this weekend is the time to load up that double barrel shotgun and go wild. The beta is closed so unless you played Wolfenstein: The New Order, or have a contact somewhere who can hook you up with a code then you are just going to have to wait until we put up our gameplay videos next week.

The DOOM beta takes place across two maps and with two playable modes. Expect to find the classic weapons as well as all the gore you would expect from the game. Want to know what the full game has in store? Check out our guide to all the multiplayer modes as well as our beta guide.

Platinum Demo – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV just got a release date along with a Florence and the Machine soundtrack and a bunch of Collector’s Editions. Along with that news came a brand new free demo which is available now to play. The demo lets you take on the role of Noctis as he explores lush environments with his companion Carbuncle. Its free so there is no reason why you should not try it out.

TrackMania Turbo

maxresdefault (1)

TrackMania Turbo released a week ago and we just reviewed it. One of the things we loved about it, is its great casual approach to racing. If you love arcade racing without the worry of tire pressure, traction and all those complicated things then you will love this game. The game is also playable with friends up to four player split-screen, so go ahead and invite some people over to enjoy it with you

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 originally released on the PS3 and it recently re-released on PS4. The game only costs R299, so it’s a perfect budget game to sit and play this weekend. It’s the entire Resident Evil experience, but on PS4. The game has trophy support, and runs at 1080p 60FPS. The game has couch co-op and online support, so you can jump into the game with friends if that is your thing.