It is not every day that you hear about local video game made by local guys in SA. Jango however, we have known about for some time already and can finally tell the world about it.

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Jango is kind of a mixture between Secret of Monkey Island, and modern day video game mechanics. Jeff, finds himself lost in a world called Pixelverse, a land filled with forgotten video game characters. The universe is collapsing and Jeff now needs to find a way to save this world.


Robot Wizard, the studio behind the title, describe Jango as a game set in a time before every gamer tried to be a YouTube stream celebrity, and a time before gamers raged about how they would have games better in forums.  Think of it as a classic title, made for the modern day, without any DLC nonsense, and all those things we hate in games these days. Robot Wizard is set on bringing back a classic gaming experience with great value and ridiculous comedy.

Pixelverse, the universe in which the game is set, is a land where all the classic video game characters which we loved back in day, have gone to rot away into nothingness. They now drink their lives away in the middle of the desert, while hoping that one day someone will come to save them.


Jeff, the lead character in the game, is a modern gamer, who just accepts that the world if filled with hipsters and bloggers who indirectly decide the content in games. He however sets out to find the “ultimate gaming challenge” of which will test his skill like never before. As he enters a video game store, he finds an old cartridge which starts up and gets teleported to Pixelverse.

As Jeff uncovers his own place in the world, he now meets various characters like a barrel tossing Gorilla, and a princess in pink who was once a princess of a great kingdom, is now the princess of a trailer park. See where they are going with all this?


If anything Jango sounds extremely promising and it looks like it will bring back memories from back in the day. Be sure to follow the development in Robot Wizard’s website, as well as like the Facebook page for updates. There is no release date or platform confirmation as of yet for the game, but we will keep you updated.

Jango Jango