The LG 4K OLED TV has launched in South Africa and the technology blows all other competition away.


Last week, LG Electronics launched its new TV technology, the LG 4K OLED TV. With this new revolutionary TV technology, you’ll be able to enjoy watching TV in an entirely new and exciting way. This new product from LG Electronics offers the most precise and clear picture ever found in an LG TV and once you’ve seen how vibrant and clear everything on the LG 4K OLED TV screen look all other TVs look inferior and outdated.

The picture quality isn’t the only thing that makes this new TV from LG stand out. It sports an impressively thin design that looks and feels like a premium product, fit for any home entertainment area.

The TV comes with a LG Sound Bar that delivers powerful sound. The new 4K OLED TVs from LG were developed in partnership with Harman/Karbon which resulted in sound quality you wouldn’t usually get out of a TV sound bar.

Antonio Dos Santos, LG Electronics South Africa National Sales Manager, explains:

LG strives to produce quality products and sleek designs to best meet the needs and wants of consumers. We have taken technology to a whole new level with the OLED TV, we want OLED to be the revolution of light that opens up the future we all want to live in.

The new LG 4K OLED TV range features LG’s smart TV platform, webOS 3.0. This feature allows you to navigate through your new smart TV in a simpler way that makes the interface accessible to the entire family. This smart TV feature from LG also lowers boot time and lets you personalise your TV content and viewing preferences in a completely cool and unique way.

LG has become a leader in TV technology and its new 4K OLED TVs are sure to entice entertainment consumers. Dos Santos believes that OLED is the future of TV technology, explaining that:

Without backlight and other auxiliary layers, the OLED display is fundamentally less complicated compared to LCD, and in time less costly to manufacture. I have no doubt, given its advanced features and superior performance –foldable, wearable, flexible and transparent, OLED is the display technology for the next generation.