The South African iStore has launched a MacBook trade-in program just in time for the launch of the brand new MacBooks.


MacBook Trade-In

You could be getting serious cash back when you trade your current MacBook in at a South African iStore. The South African iStore has been offering an iPhone and iPad trade-in program for some time and has now extended it to include a MacBook trade-in program. The great thing about this trade-in program is that if you’re keen on upgrading your current MacBook model to a newer model, you’re able to do so at a lower price. But you’re also not obliged to upgrade to a new MacBook model and you can decide to rather get cash back for your current MacBook model.

The South African iStore also offers a variety of other paying options if you’re keen on a newer model MacBook. You can use an iStore card and pay your MacBook off over a period of either 12 or 24 months or you can take out a cellular contract. The benefit of buying a MacBook or any of the other variety of awesome Apple products directly from the iStore, is that you get access to free training, help with setting your new device up and free technical support.

These are examples of the estimated values you can get back when you use the MacBook trade-in option:

Values are estimations only. Exact values will be calculated upon evaluation of the Mac in store

MacBook Trade-In

About iStore

iStore is an Apple Premium Reseller (APR)  which is a dedicated hub for Apple products and accessories. With 23 stores conveniently situated across the continent, iStore is the largest APR in Africa. iStore aims to maximise customer value offerings by providing an authentic Apple experience and offering customers exclusive services such as in-store complimentary training, technical support, and technical setup. iStore offers contracts on various mobile networks as well as a 2 year extended warranty and damage protection option with iCare Plus.