We recently covered how Office 365 managed to integrate into almost every device we use on a daily basis. But how does the package actually increase your productivity? We’ve spent some time working out the technical side of the package and have put together a guide to show you how you can get the most out of your Office 365 subscription, in ways you never imagined.

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Skype From Office Online

If you have hundreds of tabs open while doing work every day, then this will really help. You can Skype while working in Office Online, eliminating the need to have Skype open, or any other tab on your browser to make use of it.

Office 365

This feature is only available online, which means you will have to access Office Online from a web browser, which is another great feature letting you create Office documents anytime and any place, as long as you are online. All you need to do is to log into Outlook.com, or OneDrive, and create a new Office document in Excel Online, Word Online etc. Once you are in, you will see a Skype button in the top right hand corner, click it and it will open Skype.

Easily Link Files From Your OneDrive

If you make use of OneDrive, which you really should, you can link files directly to emails. Instead of filtering through your PC, you can send either links to the files, or the actual files through an email. All you need to do is start composing a new mail, then click Insert and then Share from OneDrive. You will now be able to explore all your OneDrive documents, including the Office documents which get automatically synced from your Windows 10 device, and attach them to your mail.

Office 365 OneDrive

The same goes for the Outlook app on Android and iOS, if you start composing a mail on the app, select the option to attach a file, and it will give you various options to choose from, one being your OneDrive, and the others being Dropbox and Google Drive.

Let Everyone Edit Online

Office 365 OneDrive

You do not need send everyone a document in order for them to have it, all you really need to do is to upload one version of it to your OneDrive and let everyone head into it and edit it with ease. It does not stop there as even though everyone has access to the document, you can even see who is editing what and the changes are made as they happen. This makes working together on a document as easy as ever.

Use And Abuse Office 365 Mobile

If you are always swapping between devices, making use of the mobile version of OneDrive might be the best thing you hear about today. Downloading the mobile app for Office is easy and available across various devices. Once in, you will see that it kind of mimics the same design as the desktop version.

Office 365

On the app you will be able to do anything you were able to do on the desktop version, and then save it all to your OneDrive. When you are near a PC, web browser, or anything of the like, you can pick up and carry on.

Sharing Is Caring

Office 365 has the ability to be split between 5 people. If you are running a small study group, or a small business, this comes in handy as it saves money and time. You can easily add people to your account at no extra charge, giving them the opportunity to use the Office suite in its entirely, while making use of OneDrive and Office Online.

Office 365

With the cost of Office 365 being just over R1000, the ability to add more people to it could be seen as a way to split the cost between everyone, saving money in the end.