Microsoft Office has received some rather notable revamps over the past few years, and Office has become a neat set of tools for anyone who needs presentations, articles, spreadsheets or other work-related documents created. We’ve been using Office 365 subscription and this is what we thought.

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Starting off, as soon as you redeem your Office 365, it ties into your Microsoft account which you use on Windows 10. This way when you install the actual office package it does not need a key of any sorts.  Everything is managed from the account page where you can see who has been added to your service, and who has accepted the invitation. You can also remove anyone at any time, which will then revoke their use of the program.

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Adding people is simple, all they need is a Microsoft Account, and then you can send them an invite and they can the download the package. We found a few people who really needed a copy as they are studying and cannot afford the package. Signing up was quick on their part, and downloading and installing was painless. What was nice about it, is that if they had an old version of Office which was not working or lacked a serial key, the installation deleted it and installed the latest Office 2016.

As for the OneDrive capacity, 1TB is ample. Not only does it help storing large data, but OneDrive is the centre point for all your Microsoft Office needs.


We were able to save a document to OneDrive, and literally just open it when we opened Office on another device. It was painless and the idea that you can just work on any device you have, be it a laptop, tablet, mobile device, or a PC, without the need to copy anything across, was the best thing about it.

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Acer Aspire R13


The device, being reliant on Windows 10, worked like a charm. When we uploaded documents to our OneDrive, they were quick to appear on other devices. Office also has a touch-mode which makes use of the Aspire’s tablet mode, to let you work on the programs no matter the mode in which Windows 10 is in. Apart from that, the Draw functionality is also pretty easy to use while making use of the stylus, or your finger. This is great if you need to sign documents without having a printer nearby.

Mobile – iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Tablet

Office 365

Office on the iPhone is not the most ideal way to work, especially if you use a laptop or desktop, but it sure does come in handy when you are without any solid platform to work on. Saying that, you can create just as detailed documents and spreadsheets on the app as if you were on a desktop or laptop. It is also wise to factor in the size of your screen, as larger devices will provide a better work environment.

Again, anything you work on and save to your OneDrive, is all available on your mobile device. So you do not need to plug anything in.  The app is free to everyone.

Desktop PC

Office 365

The desktop version of the program worked as it would be expected. Files saved on our OneDrive were available in both the folder and in the program itself. There was really nothing wrong with how it worked, and opening files and editing was perfect. Saving work afterwards by just clicking “Save” automatically adjusted our changes on the document in the OneDrive, so we could just pick up where we left of on another device.

Web – Office OnlineOffice 365

All you really need is the internet, and you can then log into your OneDrive and type away on a web browser. This is ideal for times in which you are away from your Office suite and need to access important documents. The editor is easy to use and at times we even forgot we were editing on a web browser.

In the end, it seems that Microsoft has created a top-notch productivity kit. It is seamless and so easy to use. We had no issues at all, and every time we challenged its design, we were surprised to see it work so well. It’s a great package for a family with kids at school, or a anyone looking for great cloud service across multiple devices.