Acer unveiled its latest and greatest entries into the Predator range. The new products are high performance notebooks and desktops PCs, which are said to deliver premium gaming and virtual reality experiences, all thanks to the product’s powerful hardware.

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Predator 17X

The latest entry into the Predator Notebook range is the 17X. This powerful laptop features a Core i7-6820HK (4.0Ghz) processor with an Nvidia Geforce GTX 980. The notebook also packs a 17-inch 4K display, with Nvidia G-Sync, to make all those games look even better on the screen. The notebook has a triple-fan cooling system, to keep things chilled when the gaming gets hot. The notebook is said to provide VR-to-go thanks to all its powerful internals.

Predator X17

Some other facts:

  • Contains an Aeroblade fan (world’s thinnest fan at 0.1mm) to keep things cool
  • Has a built-in vapour chamber to help dispatch the heat and enable an ideal overclocking experience
  • Powered by Acer’s PredatorSense to customise keyboard macro profiles, lighting adjustments, and other configurations.

The Predator 17X will be available in South Africa at a starting price of R45 999,00

Predator G1

Predator G1

The G1 is said to be the ultimate VR machine as it packs all the power in it to fully experience VR at its best. Inside the 16-litre, it can be configured with up to a 6th gen Intel Core i7, 64GB of RAM, up to an Nvidia Titan X graphics card, and 512GB SSD plus a 4TB HDD.

The Predator G1 PC will be available in South Africa from R18 999,00

Acer Predator Z1 Monitor

Predator Z1

The Z1 monitor will come in three sizes, 31.5, 30, and 27 inch. It will support G-Sync and an aspect ratio of 21:9. We reviewed the last Predator monitor and it was clear that one thing was missing and that was 4K support. The latest models will finally have it which would make it one beautiful piece of hardware.

No local pricing or release date has been announced yet.