After the PS4.5, also known as the PS4K was leaked last month, rumours have been coming and going about the console. Some rumours pointed at possible exclusive PS4 games for the new console variation, along with 4K capabilities and improved hardware.

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More details have risen on the console with new specs and a rumour which squashes that whole “exclusive games” issue. GaintBomb’s source has now revealed the full specification for the console, and it seems that if this is correct, it will include a higher clock speed, memory and faster graphics processor.

Compared to the current PS4, you can see the difference in specs below. This is according to GiantBomb’s source:

Current PS4 PS4.5 (NEO)
CPU 8 Jaguar Cores (1.6Ghz) 8 Jaguar Cores (2.1GHz)
GPU AMD GCN 18CU @ 800MHz AMD GCN 36CUs @ 911MHz
RAM 8GB GDDR 176Gb/s 8GB GDDR5 215GB/s

More details point to the possibility that although the new PS4 model will be more powerful, developers do not have to make use of the power, nor do the games they make need to be outputted at 4K. Both the PS4 and NEO will work on the same network and PS Store, so they will not be alienated from each other. One of the biggest notes about the console is that Sony has stated that developers may not offer exclusive gameplay options or special visual settings for NEO owners. This may include level editors or mechanics that might alienate older PS4 owners from a gameplay feature.

All current games on the market can also benefit from the NEO hardware, but only if developers wish to patch their games. One last interesting reports claims that the Neo will be able to support the PlayStation VR without the need for the additional box it ships with. This could point to the additional box containing extra performance boost for current PS4 owners that do not want to fork out for NEO

Again, this is all a big rumour until Sony actually reveals anything. With VR headed to homes later this year an E3 right around the corner, we will just have to hope that Sony has not alienated 45 million console owners.