Disney’s live-action adaptation of the classic The Jungle Book opens this weekend in cinemas in South Africa, along with other cool movies to catch:


The Jungle Book

The new movie is a mixture of live-action and CGI and follows the classic tale of Mowgli (portrayed by Neel Sethi) who was raised by a family of wolves. When Mowgli is forced to flee the jungle he has called his home since birth he embarks on an epic journey of self-discovery, adventure, discrimination and more. He is once again accompanied by a strict and stern panther named Bagheera (voiced by Ben Kingsley) and the free-spirited Baloo (voiced by Bill Murray). Other cast members include Christopher Walken as King Louie and Idris Elba as the fearsome Shere Khan – the tiger who bears a scar from a human and wants to kill Mowgli because he is a man cub.

The Adderall Diaries

Neil Elliot (portrayed by Ed Harris) is a writer who gets caught up in a bizarre murder trail. He goes on a path of discovering the truth behind what really happened during the murder and subsequently goes on a self-reflective path where everything he believed to be true is turned upside down.


Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot star in this action/crime-drama with a twist. In this movie directed by Ariel Vromen, a CIA agent who passed away has his memories and skills removed from his mind and implanted into the mind of a dangerous criminal played by Kevin Costner. The goal is to stop an international conspiracy agency threatening international safety and security.