So many games rely on day-one patches to download and fix errors, DLC packages, online services, and multiplayer. This all means that if you don’t have internet, you’re missing out on some of the best features in a game which you paid full-price for. Because connectivity had become crucial for gaming we’ve hooked you up with a guide to deciding on the best internet gaming packages.

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Ideal Speed For Gaming

We would never recommend anything under 4Mbps when it comes to gaming. Downloading games is obviously always faster when you have a faster speed. In terms of playing online, most games these days require a minimum of 1Mbps to run smoothly, again this all depends on the server location. Local servers will need less whereas most console games are based out of Africa, and need a faster line.

There are a few things you need to consider when signing up for an internet gaming package. Download and upload speed, cap, and throttling can all be major issues when considering which internet gaming package is the best for you.


Keep in mind that all ADSL services require line rental fees from Telkom that start at R150 and go up to R550 on the highest ADSL packages.

These packages have the best value for your money and are the best in terms of speed and usage::




MWEB offers various packages for uncapped ADSL, these range from R199pm all the way up R1999 for the top-tier 40Mbps package. If we had to choose the best cheapest option and a mid ranged one, we would go with theses:

MWEB 2Mbps Uncapped @ R199pm

Probably the cheapest internet you are going to find at that speed. Although 2MB is a bit low for gaming, you could get away with it.  This package includes a mailbox, uncapped data, and no line rental.

Total Package – R349pm

MWEB 8Mbps Uncapped @ R439

We would have to say that if you want to pay less than R800 a month for ADSL and want a decent speed, then an 8Mbps line would be the best bet. The speed allows for a solid download and upload rate

Total Package – R789pm

The only issue with these two packages is that they are not premium, which means that MWEB could shape you after excessive use. On a positive note, MWEB prioritizes gaming traffic on the network, so this will reduce ping and decrease latency during peak periods.

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Afrihost Uncapped Unmetered 8Mbps @ R679

Afrihost’s 8Mbps unmetered package is really a great deal. It offers unshaped speeds at all times, which obviously comes at a premium cost. This means that your usage is not monitored at all and will not be shaped on a monthly basis.

Afrihost Uncapped Unmetered 20Mbps @R1297

If you really want to go all out with your ADSL, you will take advantage of the 20Mbps package which is unmetered and unshaped. It will not only boost your gaming performance, but it will also improve streaming and internet surfing.


Internet Gaming Packages

Telkom Uncapped LTE @ R599

If there had to be any internet package we could highly recommend, it would be Telkom’s uncapped LTE. The package is affordable, and it reaches speeds of up to 100Mbps. The only downside is that there is a soft cap on P2P downloads like News and Torrents. Other than that, the package offers high-end internet speeds at a fraction of the cost. It also uses LTE, which means that you do not need to worry about renting ADLS lines.

We went hands on with each of these internet gaming packages and regardless of the downsides, we thought that they each had a solid internet package which catered to our gaming needs.