Director (s) Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly
Cast Jason Sedeikis, Bill Hader and Maya Rudolph
Rating PGV
Genre Animation/Comedy
Running Time 1 Hour 37 Mins.

The Angry Birds Movie released this weekend in South Africa. Fans were excited to see this fantastic franchise expand and explode onto the big screens and the creators didn’t disappoint. Although The Angry Birds Movie can hardly be described as a master-piece, it is a fun family film that stuck true to the popular franchise.


The movie centres around the familiar feathered face of the franchise, Red (voiced by Jason Sedeikis) who is a bit of an outsider and a hothead who lives on a seclude bird island. Through a series of rage fits and therapy sessions, we’re given his background story and why he is such an angry bird. Sticking to the theory that birds of a feather flock together, most of the birds on the island live together happily. But Red is very cynical and intolerant, which makes him vastly different from his fellow feathered friends. After a particularly severe rage fit, Red is sentenced to anger management where he meets Chuck voiced by Josh Gad, Bomb voiced by Danny McBride) and Matilda (voiced by Maya Rudolph). Jason Sedeikis as Red managed to perfectly capture what a person goes through when they’re having particularly bad luck. We loved how Red demonstrates how anger ends up making you miserable and you only end up hurting yourself. He has some hilariously sarcastic jokes and we liked that his humour was darker than we would expect from an animation movie.

Angry Birds cast-image

The birds were really the stars of The Angry Birds Movie. Fans will be delighted to spot classic characters like Red, Chuck, Matilda, Bomb, Terrence (voiced by Sean Penn) and more. But the movie gives us hundreds of new birds to love, especially the fluffy hatchlings.

Angry Birds 1

Each bird in the movie was unique, with creatively thought-out personalities and their colours popped magnificently on the big screen. There’s also the mysterious Mighty Eagle which is voiced by Game of Throne’s Peter Dinklage. You can’t help but fall in love with these fluffy feathered fellows, which must be a marketing and merchandising dream for the studios. We can easily see these birds becoming collectables, toys, figurines, lunch boxes and more. The merchandising possibilities could be similar to those of the Minions in the Despicable Me franchise or the Aliens in the Toy Story franchise.

The pigs were perfect. Bill Hader had us in stitches as the voice of Leonard. These pesky pigs are easy to love and hate at the same time. They are not green for no reason and their greediness is portrayed throughout the movie.

Angry Birds - Pigs

The movie looks stunning, especially in 3D. The colours come alive and it’s fun to spot extraordinary details on each of the different characters and scenery. From each of the vibrantly coloured birds to the chubby green pigs, the characters were crafted beautifully and a lot of work went into creating details to differentiate characters who could easily melt into a crowd. But they managed to include details that will make you want to watch the movie again. The scenes on the island are really vibrants and beautiful and the again the creators didn’t skimp on the amount of detail that went into creating breathtaking natural landscapes.

The references to the game and puns are great for adults and older children. Fans are going to be watching the movie again to catch all the references to the popular mobile game that weren’t so obvious like the slingshot scene which showed off exactly how you would play the game. There are many hidden Easter eggs that are fun to find. For those not too familiar with the franchise – you’ll be entertained by each bird’s own quirky personality and jokes and the other silly characters will make you want to tryout the mobile game and become a fan of the franchise. Kids will love the sheer silliness of this movie. There are many moments that will have your little ones laugh out loud and maybe even you’ll be charmed by the pure chaos and ridiculous chain of events. The characters and the story line are over-the-top and that’s ok because the movie isn’t trying to be taken too seriously. We did unfortuntely feel like the creators tried too hard with some parts and a few of the of the one-liner jokes fell flat. Luckily there are plenty of stomach-clenching moments and side stingy scenes to make up for the few lame jokes.


If you’re looking for a silly fun family movie that adults can also enjoy, then The Angry Birds Movie will be right up your alley. Kids will delight in the dramatically over-the-top funny moments and plot twists. Older kids and adults will chuckle at the cleverly created puns and sarcastic remarks and jokes. Fans are going to be happy to find out that the movie stays true to the massively popular Angry Birds franchise and you might want to watch it a few times to pick up on all the inside jokes, references and Easter eggs to the mobile games.

Although the movie is a comedy and meant to be lighthearted it does managed to portray a positive message and to advocate that it’s ok to be different.


The Angry Birds Movie Review: Feathered Family Fun
78%Family Fun
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