More than 11 000 cooking recipes, created by your favourite celebrity chefs, will be wiped from the BBC website as part of a £15m cut-back.


The BBC will be scaling down the BBC website as part of a way to save on costs according to a BBC source. As part of its scaling down of its website, the BBC will be removing and archiving over 11 000 recipes from the food section of the BBC website completely. Apparently, these recipes will not be hosted by the BBC online at all any more. You’ll only be able to see recipes featured in the scheduled programming aired on BBC Good Food for a 30-day period before these also go off-line.

These cut backs and content refocusing comes after the BBC’s ongoing battle with the UK government regarding the broadcaster’s market impact. This lead to a white paper being released by the UK government suggesting change at the BBC. By scaling back and removing these recipes and implementing other cutbacks and restructuring, the BBC hopes to save about £15m.

Staff are expected to be brief later today by BBC Director of News and Current Affairs, James Harding on what the future holds for the BBC website as well as the BBC TV channels.

BBC Website

You better go get as many of your favourite recipes from celebrity chefs like Nigella Lawson (71 recipes), The Hairy Bikers (477 recipes), Rachel Allen (27 recipes), John Torode (53 recipes) and more before they’re gone. There are also a few guest recipes like Gordon Ramsey’s Christmas Turkey and Stuffing and Jamie Oliver’s Tasty Fish Bake.