Bang and Olufsen has been at the pinnacle of sound design and engineering for years now and the products speak for themselves. The Danish company has been improving on its designs as it continues to reinvent music products. The latest in the Beoplay range, is the Beoplay A1, a small yet powerful speaker that looks as great as it sounds. It’s simple, yet it brings a whole new level of sound quality and power to the table.


Beoplay A1 Tech Specs

Battery Up to 24 Hours (2200mAh)
Weight 0.6Kg
Size 1.4 x 13.3 cm
Material Stainless Steel/Rubber/Polymer
Microphone Yes – Call/Hang Up/Mute
Speakers 2x 30W Class D / 2 x 140W Peak Power
Frequency Range 60 – 24.000Hz
Connectivity 1 x 3.5mm Mini-Jack / 1 x USB C (Charging) / Bluetooth 4.2 / ADK 4.0
Colours Natural, Moss Green
Retail Price R4999
Designer Cicilie Manz

Beoplay A1


The A1 fits right into the product Beoplay range with its bold design. It’s as big as a standard CD, and weighs next to nothing considering the power built into it. On the outside you will find a smooth brushed aluminium, with perfectly drilled holes for sound. All of this is set on a rubber base, which houses all the ports and buttons you need to operate the device. The design of the A1 compliments the sound of the speaker with the aluminium case helping to boost the sound.

The speaker houses a pair of 30W class D amps, and a pair of 140W speakers.  It is also designed to send sound in a 360-degree space, so the capsule design compliments this feature. There is a leather strap which is attached to the side of it to hang it somewhere.

Beoplay A1


The sound quality is fantastic. Low sound volume sounds just as clear as loud. No matter how loud it is, you will always get clear sound out of it. The A1 delivered rich and detailed sound quality with a natural bass, with midrange sounds being balanced and never distorted.

Beoplay A1

Like we mentioned, the design allows for output of 360-degree, which is great as you can put it in the middle of the room and just press play. You do not need to be facing the speaker, or even change the position of it.  Pairing it with your iPhone is quick and easy, no real problem there at all. We also gave the Beoplay app a go, which lets you connect directly to the device and customize the equalizer by using a rather unique grid. Here you can increase the impact of the mood you are in, and even mix a few moods together to get the perfect sound output.

The device has a few buttons on it which are used to connect to it, turn up the volume etc. The biggest feature here is the USB-C port which chargers the battery. The port sucks in power faster than we have ever experienced. The device boasts a 24-hour battery life, but we found this hard to believe as we played music at around 60% volume and we only got around 10 hours out of it. We are sure that at around 40% volume you would get close to 20 hours out of it. Like all things in life that need a battery, the lower the power consumption, the longer the battery will last.

Beoplay A1


Sure it is not the cheapest speaker we have reviewed, but the A1 is one of the most beautiful and powerful speaker out there. Its size and performance blew us away. The Beoplay A1 is a masterpiece in sound design and engineering.


Bang and Olufsen's Beoplay A1 Review: It Bangs
Masterfully Designed Excellent Sound QualityQuick Charging
Value for Money86%
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