Millions of people have blogs online. People love to share anything from tech advice to parenting advice. If you’re relatively good at something or you have something slightly unique or odd about you, chances are that you’ll have you’re own blog. If this is you then you might be happy to hear that the .blog domain will soon be available to use for any of your digital diaries, how-to sites, etc.


Featured .Blog

WordPress, which is a tool many bloggers, companies and retailers use to create their websites, has announced that you will be able to use a .blog domain name for your site soon. You can sign up HERE in order to get notified for when the .blog domains become available. WordPress stated that it’s aiming to release this new way of naming your website later this year. You won’t need to own a WordPress or blog or website to be able to purchase one of the new .blog domains, and purchases will be open on a first-come-first-serve basis. parent company, Automattic, bought the rights to regulate, register and sale the .blog domains. These new domains are top-level and are completely unique to the internet. Once these new domain names become available for sale you can head on over to or one of its domain registration partners to purchase yours. No pricing has been establish yet, with WordPress claiming to be in the process of finalising its pricing for these new domains. However, the company stated that you can expect the pricing to be standard:

Domain registration prices are still being finalized, but they will be in the standard range for new top-level domains with some premium pricing for higher-value names. The domain names will become available through traditional timeframes such as “sunrise” (the period during which trademark owners can purchase domain names) and “landrush” (the time in which applications can be received prior to general availability).

Drop us a comment to let us know whether you’ll be purchasing one of these new domain names and which name you’re hoping to secure.