DOOM has a great feature called SnapMap. This SnapMap mode is basically an in-game map and level creator which lets you build and program your own unique DOOM experiences in any way possible. The mode has a few easy tutorials to master which will give you the basics when creating a level, after that, the tools and creation kit are yours to create whatever you wish.

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Although we lack the skills at the moment to create a solid level, others however, have built quite the creation using the tools. Here are some of the best SnapMap maps available in the game right now, why they are the best, and how to find them.

How does DOOM SnapMap mode work?

SnapMap in DOOM lets you search for other levels created by other players. Whatever you can think of, chances are someone out there has created a level in tribute to it. We have gone through the most popular ones we could find and have put together a list.

In order to search for these specific maps, use the Map ID we list here when using the search function so find the exact map we feature here:

Abyss Watchers

Doom SnapMap

First thing we did in the game was search for a Dark Souls III inspired level, which we found. There is a boss fight in Dark Souls III which sees you fight one enemy, while other spawn around you. This level in DOOM was just that, but with guns. It was not very hard, but it was fun nonetheless.

E1M2 Tribute

Doom SnapMap

This map, like the title suggests, pays tribute to the classic E1M2 map in the first DOOM game. It was hard at times to find the resemblance as DOOM is so much more expansive that its predecessor, but at times we found a little bit of the classic in it.


Doom SnapMap

DOOM has a great parkour system where you can run and jump, climb up ledges, and double jump to victory. This DOOM SnapMap level is just that – a race from start to end of the map. If you feel like you need to brush up on your jumping skills for the main game, then this is the map to do it in.

Survival Arena 1-4p Coop v1.3

Doom SnapMap

If there is anything we love in a game, it’s a survival mode. This Survival Arena lets you grab three friends, or just search online, and head into an endless wave of enemies. All the guns are available for you to pick up and use, and the point of the map is to last the longest.

Harvest DOOM

Doom SnapMap

Forget Farmville, DOOM has its very own farming simulator built right into it. Harvest DOOM is an awesome Doom SnapMap that sees you farm crops, grow Mancubi, and head into the mines as you venture further and further into the level to finally reach the end. It was pretty genius.

Raid Boss Stage 1

Doom SnapMap

Probably the hardest map we played on SnapMap. Raid Boss Stage 1 sees you go against a Mancubus in a raid styled level. The more you die, the harder he gets. At one stage he even starts to drain your health and heal himself. This map is best played with friends, and good gamers at that!

We are just scratching the surface with SnapMap and we are sure there are still thousands of more to explore. We will keep the content coming for DOOM as we play through the single player campaign and its multiplayer.

DOOM is out now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC