We have played DOOM from start to finish, beaten the final boss, and have earned almost every possible trophy in the game. In order to get a platinum in the game, you need to get the “A Toe into Madness” trophy, which involves you taking on the first mission of the game on the hardest difficulty, Ultra Nightmare.

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This is by far the hardest difficulty in the game as you die in 1 or 2 hits. When you die you have to restart the mission, so goodbye checkpoints. This is compared to Nightmare mode which is just as hard, but you can reload from checkpoints.

Here are some tips on how to get through the DOOM Ultra Nightmare difficulty:

Use Your Weapons To Snipe

DOOM Ultra Nightmare Difficulty

As soon as you can, you should focus on upgrading your ranged weapons like the machine gun and pistol. This is important as when you enter a new area, you will be able to sit back and pick off the enemies which you can see one by one.

Take Advantage Of Glory Kill

DOOM Ultra Nightmare Difficulty

All enemies drop health when they enter their glory kill phase and you brutally pull their heads of their bodies. Use this feature to your advantage at all times. Most levels have weak possessed enemies walking around which you can quickly stun and kill for health, sure they only drop a few when playing on this difficulty, but it’s better than nothing.

Upgrade Your Equipment


It really helps when you find and collect all the suit upgrades and elite guard points. This go towards upgrading your health, your equipment charge rate and more. This really helps when you are in a pickle as the extra health and ammo carrying count could mean life or death.

Use Runes

Throughout the game you will come across runes which you can equip and will grant you special abilities like armour drops from glory kills and an extra chance at life when you hit zero health.DOOM

We recommend using the following runes:

Dazed and confused – This rune lets enemies stay stunned for longer when dealing damage to them. This really helps when utilizing their health drop in game to stay alive. This means that you will be able to stun enemies and glory kill them before they die to get health from them.

You can find this rune in mission 4

Armored Offense – This rune does exactly what its title suggests, it lets enemies drop armour when killing them.

You can find this rune in mission 7

Saving Throw – This is probably the most important rune in this playthrough. Saving Throw will let you withstand a final blow which would normally kill you. When you get hit with a final blow, instead of dying, you’ll slow down time and escape or kill whatever is trying to kill you.

You can find this rune in mission 9



Certain weapons let you stun enemies while they are charging at you. One of these are the triple burst mod on the shotgun and the Gauss Canon’s charge shot. Pulling out one of these guns and shooting a charging enemy will save your life by stunning them so you can run or deal the final blow.

Using these tips should help you out during the game’s hardest difficulty. How has your DOOM experience been? Let us know below.

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