We’ve all been there – you need to leave the house but you’re phone’s battery’s about to die. Luckily there are a few tricks you can pull off to fast charge your phone when you don’t have the time to wait around for it to charge:


Use A Supercharger

Not all chargers were made equally. Certain chargers have the ability to fast charge your phone in at lightning speeds. An excellent example of a fast charger is Apple’s iPad charger, which has the ability to juice up your device faster than the iPhone’s charger.

Switch It Off

If you want to ensure your battery gets charged at optimal speeds then it’s a good idea to turn the device off completely. If this isn’t an option for you, at least try to leave it alone while it’s charging to ensure that you’re not draining the battery while you’re charging it.

Use A Proper Capable

When you’re using a cheap knockoff cable to charge your device you can’t expect it to work miracles. You’re smartphone or other device will even let you know that you should rather switch to a standard cable to ensure the device charges properly.

Keep It Cool

The warmer batteries get the slower they will charge. To help fast charge your device, remove all cases, ensure it’s not in direct sunlight and don’t use it to make sure that the battery stays cool and continuous to charge up.

Fast Charge

If All Else Fails…Get A Battery Pack

If you’re constantly running our of battery power on your mobile devices and you keep forgetting to charge your devices over night, it might be time to consider a battery pack. Battery packs are great for when you’re on the go and you need to charge your device. And a bonus feature is that many of these battery packs will fast charge your device as well.