We all use Google to perform Google Searches of cats wearing hats, recipes for dinner, info for our school projects and other deeper questions. Google has become part of our lives and we love it, but just how much does Google process every day? And how many Google Searches are processed every second? The internet-search giant spilled the beans on its searches and the amount it could be processing every day.

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In short Google handles around 2 trillion Google Searches per year, of which grows every year as the internet expands even more. In 1999, Google boasted 1 billion searches, which just goes to show how fast the internet has grown and will continue to expand.

Google Searches

In theory Google processes 63,000 searches every second, when looking at it from a 2 trillion search per year perspective. That is 3.8 million every minute, 228 million an hour, 5.5 billion a day, and 167 billion a month.

Now imagine that figure in 10 years, as the world further expands and more people are using devices with internet connectivity. If Google grew from half a trillion in 2009 to 2 trillion in 6 years, come 2026, Google could be processing 4 trillion searches a year. That would be 120,000 searches every second.