It seems that there is no tech brand that has not jumped on the gaming laptop train, and HP Inc.’s latest range of gaming hardware is as powerful as it looks. The new HP OMEN range is a set of powerful laptops designed to deliver an immersive experience and smooth performance while gaming.

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The new laptops come in 15.6-inch and a 17.3-inch models, one with a FHD (full HD) display, and a 4K resolution. They also pack a set of Bang and Olufsen speakers powered by HP Audio Boost.

HP’s Kevin Frost explains the new HP OMEN range:

We created OMEN by HP for gamers who need their PC to deliver a great experience while also allowing them the flexibility to choose the level of performance and design that fits their needs. The new OMEN platform offers the features gamers rely on – power for battling on the go, graphics for smooth gameplay and advanced thermal cooling to tackle the latest AAA games. The OMEN by HP delivers gamers what they need to strike first, and last.


Main features of these two laptops include liquid cooling, 4K2 displays, NVDIA GTX and AMD Radeon graphics chips, and the latest Core processors. All this power means that they are VR ready too. Depending on the model, the laptops come with 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD, with custom builds available to include up to 2TB of storage, along with a 128GB SSD. The laptops are designed to have up to 10 hours of battery life, and charge extremely fast thanks to HP Fast Charge.

Along with the laptops, HP also announced a desktop PC which is probably one of the most powerful we have ever seen available to the general public. The top the range model will include the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founder Edition, 512GB SSD, 32GB of RAM, an unlocked Core-i7 processor, liquid cooling and an advanced thermal system.


The new range will bare a new look and feel to them with brushed aluminium and customizable LED lighting pre-sets for keyboards and the PC case for the desktop version.


The new HP OMEN range is set to hit South Africa some time in June 2016 so be sure to keep checking the local store for updates.

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