We love Apple, but if there is anything we hate about it, is its inability to clear our camera roll without having to delete everything in the Photo app one-by-one.  We got the iXpand by SanDisk to play with for the past week and it has changed the way we look at data and storage on our iOS devices. The device is no bigger than a USB flash drive and it basically allows you to extend your iPhone, iPad, or iPod device storage by another 32GBs.

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There is not much going on here on the iXpand. The device is tiny, light, and designed really well to plug into your iPhone and hide the USB part of it away at the underneath of the device. It is strong and we were impressed at how portable it was. There is even a lanyard hole for you to use to loop around your neck, or attach to your keyring.SanDisk iXpand


The biggest files on everyone’s phone are normally found in your camera roll. The iXpand has focused mainly on the ability to backup and copy your entire camera roll to the device, and delete it off your iPhone. We had 1632 photos on our iPhone 6S Plus, and we decided that we were going to take them all off the phone and delete them. This is how it went:

The device plugs into your Lightning port on your Apple device and requests to download the iXpand app. Once we downloaded the app, which was roughly 30MB, we were good to go. The app was easy to use with big menu options and clear indications on what do to and how to do it. When the device is plugged into the phone, the app detects it straight away. It will show you stats on how much storage you have free on your device and on the iXpand.

SanDisk iXpand

Copying files to the iXpand was super easy and quick as the Lighting port is an extremely fast connection. It took about 8 minutes to copy all 1600+ photos. Once we copied it all, we then deleted out entire camera roll of our iPhone using the iXpand app. This too was a quick and problem free experience.

SanDisk iXpand

Apart from photos and videos, you can also copy music and listen to your music on your device from the app. The USB side of the device also has a program called SanDisk SecureAccess. This is used to protect certain files on your device with a password. This is great for security, especially when you can backup both photos and contacts, files that can both be confidential.

SanDisk iXpand

The iXpand app is the hub for it all. You can delete files and folders using the app, so if you forgot to make space for the next photo backup session, you can do it in the app without plugging it back into the PC/Mac. Contacts can also be backed up using the app, another great way to secure important data for safe keeping.

One major notable thing about the iXpand is that it uses a lot of battery power. The iOS device that it is plugged into basically powers the entire thing, so this was forgivable.

SanDisk iXpand


The iXpand really wowed us. The fact that it takes hours to do something on a PC that it performed in 10 minutes was the best part about it. We can copy movies, music, photos, back everything up, all with this tiny device the size of a thumb.


SanDisk iXpand Review: Every iPhone Owner's Dream
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