One thing is for sure, the world is not short of Bluetooth speakers, and with so many of them around it is hard to really find something that stands out. We have reviewed so many over the past few months like the UE Roll, Beolit A1, and more. This time we are taking a step into a different direction with the Marshall Stanmore speaker. The speaker becomes a piece of furniture as its large design makes for a perfect speaker placement in the house.

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Marshall Stanmore Tech-Specs

Input 3.5mm Stereo Jack / Bluetooth / Optical / RCA
Weight 5.1Kg
Size 18.5 x 35, x 18.5 cm
Material Leather
Speakers 2X20W + 1X40W Class D Amplifiers
Frequency Range 45 – 22.000Hz
Price R5699


What’s in the Box?

In the box you will find:

  • Marshall Stanmore Speaker
  • 1x 3.5mm Aux Cable
  • Protective cover
  • Power Cable
  • Owner’s Manual


Being the smaller one of the two in the range, the Marshall Stanmore bares similar design to the Marshall Amps, but instead it’s a “compact” speaker which can be used anywhere. Compared to other Bluetooth speaker we have covered, it is much bigger, but we enjoyed the larger size of it as it just belonged wherever we put it. We took it to a friend to play some Enya in the background during a dinner party, and we put on the porch outside to annoy the neighbours with Drake. No matter where it was, it looked (and sounded) great.


On the front you can see the iconic “Marshall” logo, at the top you will find all the dials and buttons to operate it, and at the box is the ports and switches.  The dials are aluminium, and the power switch is a good old fashioned flip switch. The dials are smooth and turn up and down pretty easily. It’s a nice touch to have to physically turn something as most speakers are just buttons which you press to operate them. The 3.5mm jack port is also positioned well on top, making it easy to plug in other devices when you are at a party or function. Overall the design is really as hipster as it can get, and we loved it. It really looks like something Elvis Presley would have in his bedroom hooked up to a guitar. It is classic rock at its best and if you’re into nostalgia you’re going to love this Marshall Stanmore speaker.


When talking about power, the speaker really packs a punch. The speaker can span 45 – 22,000 Hz, which is a pretty fantastic reach across frequencies. On the device’s loudest volume, music sounded great without it muffling or crackling. We tested it across various genres of music, and with a little adjustment of the Treble and Bass dials, we hit the perfect sound output. Going from classical all the way through to Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die, it all sounded well-rounded and instruments were sharp and clear.

Marshall Stanmore

We then plugged it into our TV, to have it as an all-in-one setup, and we were again, not disappointed. Although it was not ideal to have it as a device without a remote, it goes to show just how versatile the speaker can be. Setting it up with Bluetooth was quick and easy, although we noticed a bit of a buzz sound when we were not playing anything, this could have been interference on our end though.


The Marshall Stanmore is the perfect speaker for someone who, firstly, loves an old school looking device, and secondly, is looking for a speaker to place somewhere and let it stay there. It makes for a great furniture piece, as well as a powerful speaker at the same time.

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Marshall Stanmore Review
Great old school lookPowerful output
Buzzing sounds when not using
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