The new DOOM launches next week, 13 May 2016, which means that there had to be an extremely over the top trailer to celebrate the launch of the game. The launch trailer is the perfect combination of the game’s single player campaign and the impending gore that we are all waiting to experience.

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Grab a double barrel shotgun and prepare to head into hell itself as you take on the hordes of demons that await. The trailer shows off the single player campaign which is said to be between 14-16 hours long. Considering the game’s heavy emphasis on the multiplayer, this is pretty decent.

New Doom

We already know that the multiplayer is great as we have spent a few hours playing both the alpha and beta. Take a look at the action-packed launch trailer below:

DOOM is set for release on 13 May 2016 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. We will have a full review up closer to the time.