Overwatch releases tomorrow (24 May 2016) and the gaming industry is pretty hyped for the release. The Overwatch open beta took place earlier this month in which it saw 9.7 million players logging into the game during the open beta week. But what about the Overwatch characters? Which were the most popular Overwatch characters, and how many times did everyone die? Here are some stats that should give you a little bit of background to how well the open beta played out:

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  • Soldier 76 was the most played Offensive Hero
  • Widowmaker was the most played Defensive Hero
  • Reinhardt was the most played Tank Hero
  • Mercy was the most played Support Hero

In game matches

  • 190 Countries took part in the beta
  • 271 million mid-game hero switches took place – average 8 per match
  • Bastion was killed 326 million times
  • 4.9 billion minutes were played
  • 37,623,607 matches were played
  • The average match did not last longer than 10 minutes
  • 9,002,594 payloads were delivered reaching a total of 1.9 million kilometres travelled
  • 1,369,749,063,663 damage was dealt throughout the beta
  • 168,015,096,011 was healed
  • 87,103,442 loot boxes were earned

Those are some pretty high stats for an open beta. We cannot wait to see how the full game does when it releases. The servers will be live tomorrow morning at 1AM SAST. If you’ve pre-ordered the game on a digital platform, you can now pre-load it and get ready for the launch. Overwatch is available for pre-order on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Check out all the stats from the Overwatch open beta in the infographic below: