This weekend we are going to spend every free moment playing the Overwatch beta, but there are a few other games which you should have on your list  too. From free PlayStation Plus games, to Battleborn’s heavy multiplayer co-op experience. Here are the games to pay this weekend.

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Overwatch Open Beta – PS4, Xbox One, PC

We are sure you have already noticed how wild we are for Overwatch right now, and you should be too. The game is awesome and being in open beta, anyone can play it. Be sure to check out our top 5 tips for the game, as well as watch us get a 35-player kill streak in the game with no real issue. Find out more on how to play the Overwatch open beta HERE.


Battleborn – PS4, Xbox One, PC

With all this Overwatch going on this week, we have also been focusing on a bit of Battleborn. Battleborn is Gearbox Software’s latest over-the-top shooter. With 25 playable characters and a universe in peril to save, you and the rest of the Battleborn set out to take down the forces which threaten to take over the last star in the sky.

When you are not playing the co-op campaign with friends, you can then hit the PvP portion of the game and fight against other players to dominate the battlefield.

Tropico 5 – PS4

If you love free games then you will love Tropico 5, because part of the PlayStation Plus lineup for May sees the game free for all to play. Tropico is a simulation game that sees you as a dictator rule a country through history.

Build, improve and explore the island as you research new building and technology to further improve your homestead. Expand your Dynasty’s reign from the early colonial period to beyond the 21st Century, facing an all-new set of challenges, including advanced trading mechanics, technology and scientific research and exploration.

Table Top Racing: World Tour – PS4

Get behind the wheel of 12 ultra-cool, fully tuneable miniaturised racing cars and take on 20 race tracks through a comprehensive ‘Championship Mode’ and a multitude of ‘Special Events’. Use ‘Power-ups’ and ‘Wheel Weapons’ and blast your way to victory! Battle with 8 players online to become the ultimate Table Top racer!