The Overwatch open beta is over and we spent a few nights staying up until the early hours of the morning playing with friends. The game is solid and if we had to really express how we feel about it, we would call it a true competitor for multiplayer game of the year. We tried every character and played every one of its gorgeous maps. Here are the best moments from the open beta event:


The Looks

The game looks fantastic and runs very well. We never experienced any sort of frame-rate issues on the PS4 version at all. Characters are well modelled and are vibrant and unique, and maps are so inspiring as they take on a cool futuristic look of real-world locations.

Overwtach Reinhardt

In the Overwatch open beta you saw things like a London bus which has been designed with hover wheels and smoother rounded edges. And to visit Egypt in a futuristic art style was a one of a kind experience. If anything, we hope that the world looks like this in a few decades as we would be more than happy to live in it.

Heroes are awesome and so uniquely designed that not one of them look remotely similar to another. Every animation and attack really looks and feels great when pulled off, from a melee attack to a reload of a gun.

The Competitiveness

The Overwatch open beta at its core is a solid multiplayer experience. You enter a stage and fight for control over an area or escort payload to the end of a map. Along the way you will use your heroes’ abilities to take down the enemy team who are trying to do the same thing to you. Every now and then battles get really intense and at times your entire team, or theirs will get wiped out. The way a battle flows all depends on the power of your team and how well they all can use the heroes. You can go from a really easy match where you just keep wiping them out, to a constant battle between points.

This is what makes its PvP so great as every match is different and you can literally turn it around in the last few seconds. If you feel that the match is not going in you favour, switching heroes would either save you or doom you.

The Unlockables

The unlockables were not as great as we hoped for. Grinding through matches to open a loot box which had a “chance” to drop a skin for our favourite hero, was not our favourite thing about the beta. We also smell some expensive in-game purchases coming soon as you could easily pay real money for these loot boxes in order to get a “higher chance” drop rate.

Overwatch open beta

Easy To Master

No matter how new you are to a hero, we felt that each one of them were pretty easy to get the hang of. Whether it was Widowmaker perched up on a wall, or Hog’s grappling hook. Each of the heroes felt well-rounded and balanced. This is a great improvement from the beta which took place in November 2015, in which we felt that many of the heroes were a bit over and underpowered.

Overwatch open beta

As we head up to the launch of Overwatch taking place on 24 May 2016, we will look back at our time with the beta and get ready for the final release in which we can really enjoy the game without our progress being reset yet again.