The Overwatch open beta took place a while ago. As we anticipate the full release of the game next week on 24 May 2016, stats from the open beta have been released and they are pretty high.

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According to Blizzard, the open beta saw close to 10 million players play the game across the 5 days. 9.7 million players to be exact.


Blizzard has stated that the Overwatch open beta was the biggest and most successful beta the company has ever hosted. 37 million matches were played, totalling over 81 million hours of gameplay.

We know that the game will not be receiving any more content compared to what was in the open beta, so if you played the beta, that is what you can expect in the final game. 21 playable characters, 12 maps and 4 game modes. Blizzard also mentioned that competitive play which was available during it second closed beta on the PC, will not be added to the final release, rather it will release at a much later date.

We worked extremely hard to get competitive play in the game for closed beta. We’ve been reading feedback from the community and taking it all to heart. As a result, we’ve temporarily disabled competitive play for open beta so that we can rework the system and make it better.

Overwatch releases on 24 May for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can also watch the latest animated short which features Hanzo: