Chances are you’ve heard about smartphone addiction and might not have paid it too much attention. But with over two-thirds of South Africans admitting to being addicted to their smartphones  it seems we’ve become more attached to our smartphones than ever.


iFix, the smart device repair specialist store, conducted a study which revealed some startling statistics about smartphone addiction. According to the study conducted by iFix, two-thirds of the South African participants surveyed admitted to suffering from smartphone addiction. Even worse, more than a third of the participants surveyed in the study confessed that they would miss their smartphones more than their partners.

Some of the key findings from the study conducted by iFix:

  • 56% of the participants claimed that they would reach for their smartphones as soon as they woke up in the mornings;
  • 54% said that they get annoyed or agitated when someone else uses their smartphones;
  • 53% of the participants admitted to checking their smartphones more than three times a day;
  • 52% said that they spent more than three hours a day using their smartphones; and
  • 48% of the participants claimed that they socialized the most on their smartphones.

More extreme cases of smartphone addiction revealed from the study include:

  • 18% of the participants claimed to checking their smartphones more than ten times an hour, which comes close to twice every ten minutes for an hour; and
  • 13% admitted to spending more than ten hours a day on their smartphones.

Based on the above statistics it is clear that smartphone addiction can become a problem for some users. iFix’s Schalk Bezuidenhout has realised that people need help and has cleverly created three self-help videos to help you overcome your dependency on your smartphone.

About iFix

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