We’ve all had conversations with our pets while no one is around. Or rather our poor pets have had to endure endless monologues about how stressed out we are or how we are thinking of changing our hair colours. But what if your favourite feline could chat back? Cleverly called Catterbox – this little device wants to do just that.


Catterbox claims to be the world’s first talking cat collar. Kind of. Unless someone gets the powers to communicate with animals we’re going to have to rely on technology and our imaginations to get gossiping with our furry friends.

How The Talking Cat Collar Works

Temptations Labs partnered with Adam&EveDDB to create the Catterbox. This delightful little gadgets “translates” your cat’s meows to human words. Obviously these aren’t true translations and the companies had to reply a little bit on their own creativity to imagine what cats would say. Pete Simmons, Temptations Labs’s Global Brand Director explains that:

We’re fascinated by cats, so we set out on a mission to get to know them better.

The idea started when Temptations Labs analysed research which found that cats communicate with their human owners through using their meows. The team decided to investigate further into the inner workings of a cat’s mind and created the talking cat colour to help us delve deeper into what these meows really mean.

The Catterbox is a way for Temptations Labs to bring cats and their owners together and to give cats a voice that humans can understand. The collars are also aimed at collecting data which Temptations Labs hopes will help us understand cats better in general.

The Catterbox collars are currently only available in the US and New Zealand in four colours, but maybe one day the whole world will understand what cats want. This seems like a sound investment as cats will be ruling the world soon anyway.