If you’ve dreamed of learning a new language and starting up a conversation with interesting and foreign people from across the globe, then you will love this new translator earpiece from Waverly Labs. This new wearable is called the Pilot and the makers claim that it can translate language instantly, calling it “the world’s first translation earpiece“.


To work, you need another person to wear a second earpiece. The earpiece then uses voice recognition to pick up what you’re saying and translates this after a short pause to another language. The team hopes to create future versions of the device which is able to translate everything you hear around you, without the need of another person wearing an additional earpiece. It also claims to be working on decreasing the lag between translations.

The Pilot is small and discreet and looks like it would fit comfortably. We like that there are no pesky cables dangling down to a smartphone. The device will release in three basic colours, namely black, white and red.

Translator Earpiece

This translator earpiece doubles as wireless earphones and comes with an extra earpiece. The accompanying app lets you live stream music and lets you toggle between different languages to translate. But what’s great is that Waverly Labs aims to make the translating function of the earpiece entirely offline. The idea is that you’ll use the companion app to download language packs but that you won’t need an internet connection to translate language.

Translator Earpiece 2

The Pilot will ship with a few language packs pre-installed, but you’ll need to download and pay for additional language packs. This translator earpiece will have initial language support for Spanish, French, Italian and English with the team stating that:

Additional languages will be available very soon after, including East Asian, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Slovik, African, etc