Twitter has always had a 140-character limit when it came to Tweets to ensure that it remains the microblogging site we’ve come to love for nearly 10 years. But the social media site has realised that times have changed since 2007 when the site was launched. Now, users are using more media in their Tweets like photos, GIFs and videos, which causes the 140-character limit to become very limiting. To address this issue, Twitter has announced that soon the character limit won’t count videos and photos as part of your allocated 140 characters.


On top of that, usernames (with @ in front of them) won’t count towards your Tweet character limit in replies either. As part of the update you’ll also be able to Retweet and quote your own Tweets. Another long overdue update is that Tweets beginning with usernames will be seen by those who follow you and not just the person you’re mentioning in your Tweet. You might’ve noticed that most users have included a period in front of the Tweet when it starts with a username, but soon you won’t need to do that anymore.


Twitter goes on to explain that it continues to bring you new ways to use the microblogging site:

In addition to the changes outlined above, we have plans to help you get even more from your Tweets. We’re exploring ways to make existing uses easier and enable new ones, all without compromising the unique brevity and speed that make Twitter the best place for live commentary, connections, and conversations.