Director Bryan Singer
Cast Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Sophie Turner and James McAvoy
Rating 13
Genre Action/Superhero
Running Time 2 Hours 23 Min.

The new X-Men: Apocalypse movie has hit cinemas. Sticking true to the style of the franchise, it features awesome characters, exhilarating special effects and is filled to the brim with action.


X-Men: Apocalypse takes us through two previous time-periods: Ancient Egypt and the 1980s and manages to transport us to both periods successfully. From the fashion to the cars to the music to the mannerisms, there are plenty of elements in the movie that pay homage to the 80s. What we loved is that it never felt over the top and all these elements were naturally introduced which made the setting seem so much more authentic. One of our favourite flashbacks to the 80s was a scene where Quicksilver (portrayed by Evan Peters) plays retro arcade video games.

Surprisingly the movie is really funny at times and we loved some of the inside jokes and side jabs. There are some serious and heartfelt moments but these are sometimes diffused in a hilarious way, making the movie a generally pleasant experience. The humour isn’t forced and flows naturally, with the chemistry between the various characters shining through.

One of the many things we loved about X-Men: Apocalypse is that it features a ton of awesome mutants. There are so many cool mutants that it’s difficult to choose a favourite. Sophie Turner delivers a powerful performance as a young Jean Grey who starts to seriously develop and explore her mutant powers in the new movie. We’re impressed with Kodi Smit-McPhee’s natural portrayal of Nightcrawler. He manages to make the character creepy, yet exceptionally likeable and you’re soon rooting for this young disappearing blue dude with a tail.

Our absolute favourite mutant in X-Men: Apocalypse has got to be Quicksilver (portrayed by Evan Peters). He is not only charming and witty, but his mutant powers are so cool! His scenes in the movie were some of our favourites. Evan Peters is able to draw you in instantly with his charm and his jokes and we hope to see more of his cool character in future X-Men movies. We have to admit that Olivia Munn’s Psylocke was disappointing. The character lacked any real substance and we felt that she was over-sexualised unnecessarily especially considering that Olivia Munn is such a dynamic actress.

Michael Fassbender reprises his role of Magneto and pulls it off perfectly as per usual. After having portrayed her a few times now, Jennifer Lawrence is extremely comfortable in the blue skin of Raven/Mystique and its hard to imagine anyone else behind those yellow eyes. James McAvoy finally really looks the part of the iconic Professor Charles Xavier, sporting his signature skinhead look and futuristic wheelchair. He portrays Professor X in a dignified yet emotionally fragile way that makes us truly believe that McAvoy is the younger Professor X on the brink of a new mutant struggle.

The new villain, Apocalypse, is portrayed by Oscar Isaac. He is unrecognisable in the awesome makeup and costume for the movie and he looks like he could be some ancient and mysterious artifact. Isaac is able to still bring emotion out of this seemingly unemotional character and he delivers one of those villains that are difficult to hate.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Without giving too much away, we have to say that the final fight is one you’re going to love if you’re a fan of action and fantasy. There is an interesting new psychic level of fighting which comes down to a battle of the minds. This psychic level of fighting runs parallel with the physical world, delivering the ultimate challenge of wits and powers.

The movie (as can be expected from an X-Men movie) has insanely cool special effects. Being a superhero movie, the havoc wrecked on the world is on a grand-scale. In X-Men: Apocalypse there are tons of epic explosions and general damage being cause which action and fantasy fans will love to witness in such a realistic and aesthetically pleasing way.


X-Men: Apocalypse stays true to the series while managing to tell the mutant tale in a new and interesting way. The movie is set in the 1980s which is fun to experience. We’re treated to plenty of mutant action and charming characters. The movie is packed with a bit of everything for everyone and fans as well as newbies are sure to enjoy the movie.


X-Men: Apocalypse Review: Retro Mutant Magic
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