At WWDC 2016, Apple unveiled its latest mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS 10 comes with some great new features and fixes a ton of issues found in iOS 9.

To start, iOS 10 will have a smarter and more powerful Siri which can now be integrated into apps using iOS 10’sSDK and APIs. The biggest new feature to iOS 10 has to be the redesigned lock screen which makes it easier to respond to notifications thanks to its new widgets and 3D touch support.

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New Lock Screen

iOS 10 Lock Screen

The lock screen will receive a new feature that will detect when you raise your phone, opening the screen for you instead of you having to press a button. Sliding over to the right of the lock screen will open up your camera instantly, while sliding to the left will take you to the new widget screen where you can customize your own selection and get all the information you need without opening your device.

Improvements to the Photo App

Memories is a new feature on the Photos App which will arrange photos automatically depending on time, location and setting. Folders will be arranged depending on the scene and objects in it. You can also create a highlight reel of your best photos and videos of a specific event. All of these features work without iCloud too.

New Maps

iOS 10 Maps

iOS 10 will see a brand new UI for the Maps App, with an easier to use menu setup and a new view, called Dynamic View. You will be able to set alternate routes, highlight new changes to a map, and even book a hotel and a car all from the app.

Music App

iOS 10 Music

Apple is redesigning the Music App for iOS 10. New menus and new UI elements will let you find what you want easier. There will now be a “downloaded music” section where you can see your own music and music which you have actually downloaded to the device. While listening to music, you will be able to see lyrics automatically downloaded through Apple Music.

Dark Mode Theme

iOS 10 will come with a new darker theme for the OS. The dark theme will switch menus and the visual layout of the device to a darker theme. This can be activated manually, or set up during certain hours like the night mode that was added in iOS 9.3.

iMessage Overhaul

iOS 10 iMessage

Apple is changing the way we all text other iOS users with iMessage. In iOS 10, iMessage will get its own App Store for added featured like keyboards and tweaks, which will only be visible for those using iMessage. iOS 10 has a feature called Emojification, which will automatically change certain words in a text into Emojis. Other than that you will be able to send heart beats to people, scribbles and more.

iOS 10 has no official release date yet, but expect it to launch sometime in September 2016.