ASUS has come a long way over the years. With its ROG (Republic Of Gamers) gaming line turning 10 years old this year there is little doubt that it’s one of the hardware manufactures that takes gaming very, very seriously. We attended an event recently with the local ASUS team to get some insight into its latest product lineup and we were very excited about 3 of these new products.


If you are a gamer looking for top-level gaming performance then this awesome trio of power from ASUS will have you covered. Let’s get straight into it…

ROG Rampage V Edition 10 Motherboard


ASUS has taken its award-winning X99 motherboard and juiced it up with the release of this 10 year edition board. The board packs all the necessary tech, including amazing onboard sound with SupremeFX, all new RGB lighting throughout (allowing full control of colouring), but most of all, the upgrade to quad-channel DDR4 3333Mhz RAM slots. The addition of a reinvented PCI-E slot that supports ASUS’ SafeSlot technology ensures that your weighty and expensive GFX card sits nice and safely on the board. Full specifications HERE.

STRIX GTX 1080 Graphics Card


Once you have the motherboard in place you are going to want to power up some amazing graphics and the STRIX GTX 1080 is the perfect card to do that. Based on the brand new PASCAL architecture, this new card is more powerful and efficient than ever before. What really impressed us was the running temperatures of this beast with the ASUS STRIX version coming in more than 10 deg celsius cooler that the stock/founders edition. Meaning that the card runs at a relatively chilly 60 degrees. This is partly due to the improved power consumption but mostly due to the new DIRECT CU III cooling. Full specifications HERE.

ROG SWIFT PG348Q 4k Monitor


What use is an amazing GFX card without a beautiful display to put it to the test? While this is easily the most expensive of the three products, it’s also the most interesting new product from ASUS. The ROG SWIFT has a bold new design that looks really epic while being extremely functional. On one hand it has an amazing 21:9 aspect ratio (supported by over 30 new games), 4k resolution, 100hz refresh rate and NVIDIA’s GSYNC technology to reduce screen tearing. On the other hand it looks after your eyes using ASUS’s new BlueLight reduction technology and can be swivelled to any angle to assist with posture. Full specifications HERE.

While the above products will set you back several body parts, it’s really great to see hardware manufacturers like ASUS listening to gamers and delivering some amazing products that allow you to take your gaming entertainment to the next level.