Reveal is an autism wearable that helps track its wearer’s psychological signals.


This autism wearable has three main functions:

  1. Measure;
  2. Notify; and
  3. React.

Autism Wearable

The Reveal device is used to measure psychological signals using sensors and algorithms, then it notifies the caregiver of a change in psychological levels. By reacting to the notifications from the autism wearable, caregivers are able to help the Reveal wearer on an almost immediate basis ensuring optimal love and care is provided.

Autism Wearable

Awake Labs realises that treating autism and living with it is different for every person. There are also different spectrums of autism. However, there are certain common problems or difficulties experienced by autistic people relating to communication, social interaction and understanding others as well as their own emotions. This new autism wearable wants to identify certain emotional, physical and psychological triggers to prevent “behaviour meltdown“. Awake Labs explains:

Many people on the spectrum have specific triggers that lead to rises in anxiety. Sometimes these rises in anxiety can only be expressed through a behaviour meltdown. These meltdowns are emotionally draining and can be physically dangerous both for the individuals with autism and their parents or caregivers.

The Reveal device will assist caregivers to identify these triggers, where they are currently just guessing and trying to spot them by themselves. By being able to spot these triggers, caregivers can then use different techniques to help reduce anxiety and hopefully lessen meltdowns and harmful behaviour. Awake Labs aims to eliminate uncertainty and wants to provide “quantified measures of behaviour and emotion“. This autism wearable could help people living with autism and their caregivers to better identify and understand triggers, which could empower them to have less anxiety and meltdowns.


Reveal can help you understand when a rise in anxiety may lead to a behaviour meltdown, notifying you through a smartphone app to help you intervene at the right time.