We all like to spurge on video games, and at times we spend a little more than others. Saying that, there are certain video game collector’s editions out there which cost a bit more than others, due to rarity or other circumstances. Here are the most expensive collector’s editions around:

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Insane Prices

Before we get to the editions that we could maybe afford, let us go through the ones which are so insanely priced, that it should be illegal to purchase.

Saints Row IV: The Million Dollar Pack (R15.2 million)

Saints Row IV $1,000,000

When you see the $1 000 000 edition, you might think that maybe the game came with $1 000 000 worth of in-game currency, but no, that is the actual cost of this edition of the game. Why is it so expensive?  Well, it not only comes with a Lamborghini Gallardo, but a trip to space too. It also came with a Toyota Prius, insurance for the car for a year, hotel stay in Washington DC and Dubai, a replica Dub-Step Gun, and spy training. Pretty intense if you ask us.

Dying Light: My Apocalypse Edition (R5.8 million)

Dying Light

Coming in at just under half a million dollars, the Dying Light: My Apocalypse Edition, is the definition of a zombie experience. Techland kitted you out with a custom designed zombie house, parkour lessons, a game of Dying Light with the developers of the game, and a human-sized replica of a Night Crawler. A few other features included your face in the game, a few headphones and a few copies of the game.

GRID 2: Mono Edition  (R2.8 million)


Feel like racing in your very own GRID 2 branded race car? Then the GRID 2: Mono Edition is for you. This R2.8 million edition came with a copy of the game a branded helmet, a race suit complete with boots and gloves, as well as a race car which could top 270KM/h and go from 0-90 in 2.8 seconds. If you are keen to buy it, then too bad because Deadmau5 himself bought it a while back.

Some More

These collector’s editions are not as expensive as the top few on the list, but there prices are still pretty steep for the average gamer.

Resident Evil 6: The Leather Jacket Edition (R20 000)

Resident Evil 6

Ever wanted a replica leather jacket that Leon wears in the Resident Evil series? Well, the Leather Jacket Edition, if the name does not give it away, has just that. The edition came with a leather jacket replica of Leon’s in the game, 4 tablet covers for you iPad, and of course, a copy of the game. Although this collector’s editions was pretty cool, R20K for a jacket and a game is a bit steep.

Resident Evil Revelations: Premium Edition (R8 000)

Collector’s Editions

Capcom seems to love releasing very expensive Resident Evil editions. When it released Revelations again on console, the company went all out with a fancy and pricey edition of the game. The Premium Edition came with BSAA edition watch, a leather Amalur Signature Edition pouch, and of course, a copy of the game. The watch was described as a timeless piece, one which Jill wears in the game. We don’t think this is one of the worthwhile collector’s editions to get, especially considering the price.

Dirt 3: Ken Block Gymkhana RC Edition (R5 000)

Collector’s Editions

Dirt 3 is an epic racing game, which has pretty cool cars in it. The cars are so cool that Codemasters decided to release its very own RC racing car alongside its racing game. The RC Car Edition came with a Monster branded replica car which resembles the one on the front cover of the game.

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