If you’re in a committed relationship you’ve probably signed up for a video-streaming service to binge watch your favourite TV shows together. And one of the sacred rules of coupledom in the digital age is to never binge-watch cheat on your significant other. Cornetto, the ice-cream company has decided to help modern couples from cheating on each other with TV shows by creating commitment smart rings.


Couples who are keen to keep their TV show-watching life monogamous can sign up for a these commitment smart rings on a fist-come-first-serve basis from Cornetto. Once you’re rocking your new smart rings you can link them up to any video-streaming service you and your significant other have subscribed to as well as the accompanying app. Using the app you can choose TV shows which your partner and you are only allowed to watch together. The rings will then only allow certain TV shows to be watched when you and your partner are physically close to each other thanks to built-in NFC technology in the rings. The smart rings can also “learn” which TV shows you watch with your partner and will make suggestions via the app.

Commitment Smart Rings 2

Technology has merged into our lives completely and being a couple in the digital age has its own challenges. Maybe with these commitment smart rings from Cornetto some pressure can be taken off of couples worrying about a partner cheating on them by watching episode 04 of Game of Thrones season 06 when they’re only on episode 02.

Drop us a comment and let us know if these smart rings from Cornetto are appealing to you. Also let us know which TV shows you love to binge-watch with your partner and whether you’d be crushed if they watched these TV shows without you.