After being leaked two weeks ago, Bungie officially revealed its latest expansion for its critically acclaimed MMORPG shooter. Destiny: Rise of Iron is the latest adventure in the series and will take guardians on a mysterious journey to new locations as they complete new quests, a new raid, fight in new PvP modes and maps, and grind for new epic gear.

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The new expansion follows the story of Lord Saladin as he ventures past the Old Wall in Russia to the Plaguelands. He discovers that the Fallen have been taken hold of by a deadly power which they now control and are planning to use against the galaxy. The expansion will also shed some light on the Iron Lords, who once protected the galaxy.  Take a look at the reveal trailer below:

Rise of Iron will only be releasing on PS4 and Xbox One, meaning that PS3 and Xbox 360 owners will be left in the past when the expansion releases. Bungie has been supporting the old gen consoles up to now, so it is about time that the latest content pack will be giving PS3 and Xbox 360 a skip. If anything the game has grown tremendously in the past two years and old hardware has battled to keep up with it in terms of storage space and overall hardware requirements

Bungie revealed that Rise of Iron will come with tons of new content. No word on exact level increase, or the new strikes or PvP mode. Bungie however did reveal that the game will cost $30, so expect to pay about R500 for it locally.  When you pre-order the game you will also get a time-exclusive Black Gjallarhorn. The Gjallarhorn has been a staple weapon in Destiny since the original released back in 2014, it then left out of the House of Wolves update when the weapons got their level increases.

Destiny: Rise of IronDestiny: Rise of Iron will release worldwide on 20 September 2016.