Just like VR is this year’s hottest tech trend, we suspect that driverless cars will make a massive market breakthrough in the future. With many tech companies jumping on the driverless car band waggon, automobile manufacturer, Rolls-Royce released its own concept called the Rolls-Royce 103EX. The company calls it its “first ever vision vehicle, and embodies just one of the endless possibilities that awaits“.


This year saw the launch of the new electric Rolls-Royce 102EX and now the company has released its take on the driverless car with the Rolls-Royce 103EX.

Rolls-Royce Driverless Cars 4

The stunning luxury driverless car is part of Rolls-Royce’s VISION NEXT 100 – a look at the next 100 years in automobile technology and advancement. The company remains committed to delivering only the best there is to offer in the future, with it claiming that “each and every Rolls-Royce will be a unique work of art“.

Rolls-Royce Driverless Car 5

This new driverless car concept represents an icon for what the future for Rolls-Royce holds. The 103EX is a sanctuary for drivers to retreat to in a fast-paced world where it feels like its difficult to keep up.

Imagine a future where each Rolls-Royce is as unique as your own fingerprint. Dimensions, form, space and materials – the drawing board is limitless, and you are the architect.

The design is bolder than some of the other driverless car concepts we’ve seen and screams luxury (and lots of cash money). Each Roll-Royce will be custom designed from one seamless surface with fluid curves that will give it a modern and premium look.

Rolls Royce Driverless Car 1

As it is a driverless car, the interior is awesome and serves as a space to retreat to. This luxury interior opens up to a roof canopy or you can keep it closed to create the ultimate private space, away from the rush and intrusion from the outside world.

Rolls Royce Driverless Car 2

Rolls-Royce has dubbed its driverless car AI as Eleanor.

For over a century, the Spirit of Ecstasy has silently graced every Rolls-Royce.Now, she has a voice. Her vital spark lives within the very fabric of your vehicle: driving you, guiding you, discovering the world with you. Eleanor intuitively complements your personality, becoming a true companion.