E3 2016 is over, and while the event means the biggest week for gaming of the year, there is also a lot of pressure on publishers and companies to excite the industry. While this might be a breeze for some, other publishers find it hard to make the impact they need. They then turn to cheap tactics and awkward events to try to get the message across. This is where the unpleasant side of E3 shows. Bad acting, lacklustre game announcements, leave us wishing that things went in a different direction. Here is what we loved and hated from E3 2016.

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We Loved

Sony’s Games

Hands down the best conference at E3 2016 had to be Sony. The conference was short and sweet, and for once Sony did not try to sell itself with stats and all the usual big words. Instead, Sony tackled what we wanted to see the most – the games. For an hour and a half we sat and watched trailers, gameplay demos and reveals.

The show opened with a spectacular orchestra playing a God of War piece over the typical flashy and loud trailer montage which the company usually uses. From there we saw the new God of War, Days Gone, The Last Guardian was dated, PlayStation VR was priced, and so much more.

Xbox One S

Microsoft had two hardware reveals at E3 2016 and right at the start of its conference the company revealed the Xbox One S.

Microsoft also revealed a new Xbox One Controller with the console, in which we can design our own colour scheme.


Project Scorpio

Battlefield 1

The more we see of Battlefield 1, the more we are loving it. We watched an entire hour of gameplay where Snoop Dog, Zac Efron, Wiz Kalifah and more celebs went head-to-head in a massive 64-player battle. It was awesome watching celebrities try to play a game they had no idea how to play.

Besides that, the game looks fantastic and we cannot wait to hop in a fighter plane or a tank and mow enemies down.

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We hated

Nintendo Fails…AGAIN

Another E3, another sad attempt from Nintendo trying to do something different. The company held its usual Nintendo Treehouse event that lasted around 8 hours, during which the company only made two new announcements. We know Pokémon Sun and Moon is real, and that The Legend of Zelda was finally titled. We could not help but feel that once again, Nintendo wasted our time rehashing on the same old handful of games.

No Nintendo NX reveal, and no new games at all for any of its current hardware.

EA Games Tries Too Hard

Every year we have the handful of publishers who really try very hard to make an impact using cheap and over-scripted reveals. This year that publisher was EA Games. From the awkward FIFA 17 reveal where the Premier League manager come onto stage with no rehearsed lines, to the uncomfortable interviews before the Battlefield 1 event which made the celebs and the publisher look terrible.